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Great tasting D2Fit Women’s Time Release Whey Protein has helped thousands of women loose weight and build lean muscle along their fitness journeys. Cut out the unwanted snacking with this powerful Protein/Meal Replacement. Unlike many other proteins, it has five different sources of protein for better absorption. It has whey, whey isolate, egg albumin, collagen, and casein both fast acting and slow acting proteins to feed your body protein over longer periods of time for better absorption. Get the body you deserve!!! About Jessica Bass Jessica Bass started Dance2Fit in Knoxville, Tennessee at just 24 years old. As a mother of three beautiful children, she was tired of boring workout routines and as a busy mom, she needed a fitness program that fit into her hectic schedule. Jessica’s passion for music and dance inspired her to become a certified fitness instructor. Her first fitness class of three people quickly grew to over 700,000 virtual fans and followers from her online community. Jessica’s Dance2Fit now features multiple workout DVD’s, fitness eBooks, apparel and membership for live streaming broadcasts brought to you by Dance Fitness with Jessica.

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  • Jessica’s Special Formula: Contains 5 different sources of protein for maximum bioavailability & absorption over an extended period of time: Whey, Whey Isolate, Egg, Collagen, and Casein Protein.b.
  • High Quality: No Fillers or artificial coloring. Zero added sugar, Low calorie, low carbs, low fat and Non GMO.
  • Add a banana, blueberries and more to create your best pre and post workout whey shakes, smoothies and recipes to take your muscle gains and recovery to new heights.
  • Benefit: Time release formula to feed your muscles throughout the day and prevent muscle breakdown. It helps your body tone up and assist in muscle mass with your regular Dance, weights, or cardio workouts. The amino acids and protein are the building blocks of muscle protein synthesis. A whey protein shake consumed before or after dance or exercise helps kick-start this recovery process.
  • Taste greats with 19 different amino acids. Also contains probiotics for digestive support.

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