Become a Dance2Fit Certified instructor!

Becoming an instructor is the best way for you to jumpstart your very own business and become your own boss.

“Making the decision to become an instructor was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made! I love getting to teach classes and make money while having an absolute blast. I would definitely recommend becoming a certified instructor to anyone who is interested.” – Jessica

Why should you become an Instructor? 

Becoming an instructor is a great way to make money and have fun while helping others achieve their fitness goals. You can create a flexible work schedule around your own personal schedule that allows you to teach either full time or part time. Instructors are able to name their own Dance2Fit business after themselves. Imagine having your own company “Dance2Fit with… Your Name!”

What does the instructor course entail?

The instructor course is $99, which includes a comprehensive background of Dance2Fit technique and recognized style of fitness. You will learn the background of how Dance2Fit started and learn different moves for your own customized dances. After passing the course, you are required to remain a monthly member for $20/month for the first year you are teaching in order to get ongoing support and access to new choreography.

What is the ongoing monthly membership?

After becoming certified, you are required to have an exclusive monthly membership for one year. The membership is only $20 a month, and you gain access to discounted apparel, new monthly tutorials and ongoing support to ensure your new classes are successful!

What is the goal of Dance2Fit instructor courses?

The goal of Dance2Fit instructor course is to prepare you to become your own Dance2Fit instructor. After taking the certified instructor program, you will be ready to motivate people to make positive changes. Instructors have the flexibility to design their own workout program with combinations of dance and fitness.

“Now that I’m an instructor, I love going to work! I love what I do. Nothing is better than seeing positive results from my customers.” – Stephanie P.


Livestream membership is NOT included with your instructor membership. That is a separate account. If you are interested in joining Livestream please do so by clicking the button below.