Dance2Fit Instructor Certification Course In Person Training -Knoxville, TN


December 9 - 05:00 pm


December 10 - 07:00 pm

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5721 Western Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37921

Knoxville, TN, US, 37921

Dance2Fit Instructor Certification Course In Person Training – In Knoxville, TN
Fri, Dec 9, 2022 5:00 PM

Dance2Fit Instructor Team!

You asked! ❤️ We listened!👏🏼

I’m thrilled to be able to invest in your future and personal business back home!

I’m honored to be bringing you an Dance2Fit Instructor Course this holiday season RIGHT before the new year and increased traffic of new clients ready for those new year commitments!

Hosted LIVE right here in beautiful Knoxville TN, along with my incredible home instructors with the sole commitment to focus on your personal brand and development! 2 days of fun, many laughs and learning routine choreography thought by us FOR YOU!

New instructors ✅

Seasoned instructors ✅

We got the perfect weekend for you all!

We will be able to all come together, collaborate on what best practices are working for local studios and what opportunities we are facing and be able to do it TOGETHER, as a family!

Friday night is not mandatory (We will open up doors at 5pm) but we would love for you to be there!!!! It will be filled with a night getting to know each other & just having fun! I will also be providing y’all with a dinner Friday Night & a Dance2Fit Instructor Gift Bag 💞

Saturday will start at 9am and go until 7pm with a lunch break 💖

Can’t wait to see you!

December 9-10th! 🎅

Why should you become an Instructor?

Becoming an instructor is a great way to make money and have fun while helping others achieve their fitness goals. You can create a flexible work schedule around your own personal schedule that allows you to teach either full time or part time. Instructors are able to name their own Dance2Fit business after themselves. Imagine having your own company “Dance2Fit with… Your Name!”

What does the instructor course entail?

The instructor training course is $149.99 (for active Dance2Fit Instructors) & $349.99 (For New Dance2Fit Instructors) which includes a year of certification. This training course includes a comprehensive background of Dance2Fit technique and recognized style of fitness. You will learn the background of how Dance2Fit started and learn different moves for your own customized dances.

What is the goal of Dance2Fit instructor courses?

The goal of Dance2Fit instructor course is to prepare you to become your own Dance2Fit instructor. After taking the certified instructor program, you will be ready to motivate people to make positive changes. Instructors have the flexibility to design their own workout program with combinations of dance and fitness.

We hope to see you there!!!! More info will be sent to emails after ticket is purchased!!


Jessica James

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